Saturday, July 31, 2004

Saw Napoleon Dynamite tonight (watch the trailer). Melissa and I met up at the theatre after work. Melissa's parents were able to look after Kennedy for a few hours.

Great movie. They even have a fan club.

"Pedro offers you his protection."

Thursday, July 29, 2004

Everytime I start writing a new project, I create a soundtrack to go with the story. Strange? Maybe. But it really works for me. I've just started working on the first story arc for Karma Incorporated. Melissa likes it so far, and I do too.

Here's the playlist...
1. Instant Karma ~ Blue Mink
2. Accidents Will Happen ~ Elvis Costello
3. Mr. Blue Sky ~ Electric Light Orchestra
4. New Mistake ~ Jellyfish
5. Why Me ~ Styx
6. Mr. Zebra ~ Tori Amos
7. Goodbye Stranger ~ Supertramp
8. Losing Lisa ~ Ben Folds
9. Under Pressure ~ David Bowie & Queen
10. Work Song ~ Nellie McKay
11. Love Will Keep Us Together ~ Captain & Tennille
12. Hold Me Now ~ Polyphonic Spree
13. Somewhere Over the Rainbow ~ Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwo'ole

Hmmm... sometimes it's better to not explain, and just post...

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

I recently participated in an interview with Herorealm.com.  Check it out:

Me at the Comic-Con.  Sitting at the Viper Comics booth.

Monday, July 26, 2004

Still in California.  Lots of good news.  Lots to report.  Until then, I've been writing a weekly column for Fanboy Radio.  I'm particularly pleased with this one...

Aren't I committed?

If you're going to the Axxess art night on Sunday, August 1st, I will be reading an extended variation of this column.

Friday, July 16, 2004

Hell yeh! It's official. I'm registered as a "professional" for the San Diego Comic Con. I'm a pro. Me. :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Melissa, Kennedy, and I are leaving for California on July 17th. I have so much stuff to take care of before we leave. I've got to get my proposals ready for the San Diego Con. (So why am I wasting my time blogging?)

So alas, I must return to my chores.
So, so, so funny... and kind of scary.

"Bush was totally defensive and it seemed to me from the transcript that he really didn't read the Bible every day. He just said he did--which is, like, a very weird thing to lie about."

It isn't weird if you plan on hijacking the ignorant Christian vote.

Monday, July 12, 2004

A Spiderman for India

Kennedy peed on my hand today. It's like some gross rite of passage into fatherhood.

Friday, July 02, 2004

My high school band...
Cosmo Monkhaus

We played a few parties and coffee houses, wrote about 20 songs, recorded a demo, gained an odd following of friends and fans, and then promptly graduated.

Fun with anagrams

I took my name "David Gregory Hopkins" and it came up with...

With "Melissa Hopkins", you get...

And Dan, you'd be happy to know that...
is an anagram with "DAN HUGHES".

And George W. Bush?
Yeah, yeah, yeah. We finally took some photos of Kennedy. She's quite cute.

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Best movie I've seen in a long while... Dummy
I'm a sucker for any "suburban hell" movie (you can view the trailer here).

***Memorable Quotes***

Michael: If I don't follow through with a threat, Heidi will never respect me. She'll just think I'm a psychopath.
Heidi: You are a psychopath.
Michael: I've been seeing a shrink, which has been tremendously helpful with a lot of my anger issues.
Heidi: Michael, you're pointing a gun at me.

(the gift, part 1)
Fannie: Do you like it?
Steven: Yeah, I love it.
Fannie: Great, I lifted it from Border's.
Steven: Shouldn't have done that.
Fannie: Steven, you're worth it.

(the gift, part 2)
Fannie: I bought a gift for you.
Steven: Oh, no.
Fannie: Actually, I lifted it from Borders. But it's perfect for your date. It's classical music.
Steven: Oh, thanks!
Fannie: Yeah, when you get Lorena alone, put this on. Classical music makes women horny. Just trust me on this one.
Steven: Thanks. "Best of John Philip Sousa".
Fannie: Yeah. Chicks dig it.

Melissa and I watched a PBS special tonight on gay marriage. And afterwards, we had a wonderful conversation about homosexuality and marriage and love and family. Our conversation wasn't about "solutions" or figuring out the "answer". It was a little reflection on how our thinking had changed. How could it be wrong to love someone? Not a drunken one-night stand or an abusive co-dependent relationship, but meaningful and intentional love? Is the issue really that easy? -or- do we dig through our bibles? -or- do we talk about genetics? -or- do we talk about legislation? -or- do we relive the same argument a thousand times? 'Cause let's face it. You've talked about this subject before. And there's a reason why I don't have a "comments" section on my blog.

So just now, for some odd and unexplainable reason, I had Hedwig & the Angry Inch running through my head. I went to iTunes and downloaded a few of the songs. Honestly? Love the music. I'm so-so on the film.

Running head on to things that knock me down over again you picked me off the ground when I wasn't strong enough to fight any more

but in your arms tonight

hold me close and tight
in your arms tonight
in your arms tonight
in your arms tonight
oh my love

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