Wednesday, June 30, 2004

My new favorite website:
Found Magazine

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Funny and true
After putting a counter on my blog (see below), I realize now that a lot more people are reading my blog than I intially thought. Um... I'm kinda shy now... hi, everyone... run along now... nothing to read here...

I think most of you are just hanging out, hoping we'd post more photos of Kennedy. With so many cameras in our house, you'd think we'd be photo-crazy.

However, I'm still a little cautious of the idea that a photo will steal a person's soul. Doubt me? It would explain a lot. I could create a graph which shows a connection between the rise in camera ownership among teens and the rise in teen violence. A-ha! Of course, I prefer to think of a soul as something that can mend or replish itself. After every photo, wait 45 minutes before doing an soulful activity. Give your soul time to recover from each and every photograph. A photo, which takes an image-- a simulation of yourself separating itself from the original thing (being you). Ever meet a professional model? Their bodies (which is our soul factory) are working overtime to create enough soul to survive on. If they ever quit their modelling career, they'd have so much soul-- they wouldn't know what to do with themselves. (Contrary to popular belief, too much soul is also a problem.)

Some like to think of a soul as "light"-- this is a false metaphor. A soul is not a light. Light has no taste, no texture, no noticeable mass or substance. If your soul were light, how could you possibly contain it within yourself? Light moves. Fast. If your soul were light, your soul would run away from you at the first opportunity and you'd never see it again. How tragic. Nope, you are all wrong. Your soul is not like light. Your soul is more like maple syrup. It's true. Thick, dark, sweet syrup.

So... uh... are people still reading my blog? Go home! Check your e-mail or something.

Monday, June 28, 2004

This cat is huge!

Saturday, June 26, 2004

The New Pad by Eric
The movie our government doesn't want you to see. (Fahrenheit 911)

Friday, June 25, 2004

A book shelf.
Is it fair to judge someone by the books they read?

Finished reading Fax from Sarajevo. My god. What an incredible (and horrific) story of a holocaust at the dawn of the 21st century. We said we'd never allow it to happen again. Still somehow, Sarajevo (and Rwanda, while we're at it) happened. Why were we so quick to act in Iraq, and yet the U.S. watched the Serbs build concentration camps? We don't know about Iraq's mythical WMDs, but we knew about Sarajevo. We let it happen. God forgive us. The United States has sinned against the world with its foolishness.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Melissa's grandparents gave us a bookshelf today. And so, I was able to unpack many of our books. (The unpacking process never seems to end.) I came across the honors thesis I wrote for college, A Treatise on the God of Mystery and Truth. Geez, could it sound anymore pretentious? Well, this paper did allow me to graduate with "highest honors"... and I got to walk across to get my diploma first. Who's complaining?

As I was flipping through it, like most academic papers, I found my writing to be entirely unbearable to read. And also like most academic papers, it doesn't really say a lot. I took old information and put it together to hint at a bit of new information-- which really wasn't all that new. Like most people, I prefer dialogue and conversation to academic papers.

However, I did come across a few lines that struck me as... quotable. Geez, I'm now quoting MYSELF (?!). I must really be hitting a low point with this blog.

Here's one of my favorites:

"For something to be truly transcendent, words fall short to describe. The normal laws cannot encase or explain the experience. We are left dumb-founded and unable to explain the encounter. Surely, transcendence is a rare thing-- if it exists at all."

This was written four years ago. Nowadays, I don't know if I would've used the phrase "normal laws". This phrase implies that such a thing exists. Instead, I might talk more about "local myths" and "social norms", which I do believe exist.


non sequitar ergo eBay


Monday, June 21, 2004

Anyone interested in working on this?

The ANSARI X PRIZE is a $10,000,000 prize to jumpstart the space tourism industry through competition between the most talented entrepreneurs and rocket experts in the world. The $10 Million cash prize will be awarded to the first team that:

* Privately finances, builds & launches a spaceship, able to carry three people to 100 kilometers (62.5 miles)
* Returns safely to Earth
* Repeats the launch with the same ship within 2 weeks

I say-- we meet at my house, order pizza, and see if we can't get this up and running by the end of August. Yes? :)

Friday, June 18, 2004

I'm currently working on a short story (for this anthology) about an Old West piano player. During my research, I came across this joke...

A young man in the Old West wanted to be the best gunfighter alive.

He practiced every day, but knew he was still missing something that would make him the best.

One night, as he was sitting in a saloon, he spotted an old man who had the reputation of being the greatest gunfighter in his day. So the young fella went over to the old man and told him his dream. The old man looked him up and down and said, "I have a suggestion that is sure to help."

"Tell me, tell me," said the young man.

"Tie the bottom of your holster lower onto your leg."

"Will that make me a better gunfighter?"

"Definitely," said the old man.

The young gunman did what he was told, then in a flash he drew his gun and shot the bow tie off the piano player. "Wow, that really helped. Do you have any more suggestions?"

"Yeah, if you cut a notch in the top of your holster where the hammer hits, the gun will come out smoother."

"Will that make me a better gunfighter?"

"It sure will," said the old man.

The young guy did what he was told, drew his gun in a blur and shot the cufflink off the piano player. "This is really helping me. Is there anything else you can share with me?

"One more thing," said the old man, "Get that can of axle grease over there in the corner and rub it all over your gun." The young man didn't hesitate but started putting the grease on the barrel of the gun. "No, the whole gun, handle and everything," said the old man.

"Will it make me a better gunfighter?"

"No," said the old man, "but when Wyatt Earp gets done playing that piano he's going to shove that gun up your ass, and it won't hurt nearly as much."

Submitted by Marianne, Columbia, Md.

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Once again, in an attempt to raise money for the San Diego Comic Con, I've put some stuff on eBay. Check it out.

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Demo #7 - One Shot, Don't Miss

I know most of you don't read comic books. Comic books are only for comic book fans... blah, blah, blah. Who cares. Find a comic book store and pick up a copy of Demo #7. Incredible story about one soldier in Iraq who just couldn't kill another person.

A few words from writer Brian Wood-

It's no secret that our military is made up of mostly poor, disadvantaged and minority soldiers, mostly kids, who are taken in by aggressive and misleading recruitment tactics. Typically money is used as bait, promising free training and a paycheck in exchange for a 4-year stint, or the now-infamous "one weekend a month". The GI Bill is also an attractive lure, especially for kids who could never pay for college otherwise (despite the fact recruits have to pony up money to qualify for the Bill). Some kids sign up because the Army makes it look so f***ing cool, like a video game. In Brooklyn, where I used to live, Army recruiters would drive around predominantly black and hispanic neighborhoods in an airbrushed Hummer, blasting Hot97 with military weapons on display and simulator games to play.

At best it's dishonest. Some times I think it's criminal. I had a lot of friends from high school that signed up, and I was recruited pretty hard. They came to my house in the morning and a night, called all the time, and basically stalked me for a few weeks. I finally had a conversation with them, and they showed me video footage of a bunch of bad ass s***, promised me all kinds of money for school, and dismissed my questions about "but what if a war happens and I get called up to kill people? I don't want to do that" with a wave of their hands. (Of course, this was in 1989, and not even 18 months later we were invading Iraq).

Too many people are pulled in to military service this way, being misled, bribed, and tricked, only to find themselves in a situation where they have to kill people for politics.

For something really eye-opening, check this out:

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

eBay ~ getting money for the San Diego Comic Con

More items will be added next week.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

It appears as though I've become a cartoon character.
Mob Poster and Action Poster courtesy of Jim Lujan

Thursday, June 03, 2004

We had a really bad storm hit on June 1st. The electricity in our house was out for two days. We stayed at Melissa's grandmother's home for two nights. Finally, the power came on a few hours ago. I've spent the past few days cleaning tree limbs, sticks, and leaves out of the yard.
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