Monday, June 30, 2003

While listening to the radio, I noticed how advertising directed towards house wives and soccer moms has a thinly veiled message of child abandonment.

"Get away." "Leave the everyday behind." "Escape."

As if to say, our product understands how because of your motherly duties you have compromised the exciting life you had planned for yourself. This product will magically give you the ability to leave your children and start the life always wanted. Enjoy.

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

One of the cultural limits of the English language:
We do not have a single word to ask the question, "To what extent?" And so, it seems this question is rarely asked.
Noli nothis permittere te terere.

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Still no internet at home. I'm finding creative ways to check my e-mail. I've visited Dan a few times. I've gone to Wim's house. I've even gone to my parent's home in Mansfield (despite the fact that they're all in Newport Beach right now). Currently, I'm at the SMU Computer Corner - 24 hour computer lab. Geez, I feel like a college student all over again. Um, except I don't dress as nicely as everyone else here. And... the college that I went to was a poor state college with mostly commuters and single parents. BUT BESIDES THAT... I feel like a college student. Maybe after this, I could try to sneak into the cafeteria.

METROPOLIS — Evangelical superhero Bibleman was recently invited to join the world's most elite corps of do-gooders, the Superfriends.
"We feel like he's matured to the point of really making a contribution in our fight against crime," said Aquaman, Bibleman's main sponsor.
Bibleman was added to the crew by a vote of 44-29, but only after a last-minute push by opponents who don't want the group to expand. Wonder Woman and the famously ill-tempered Batman tried to cut a backroom deal that would have made Bibleman only an affiliate — equivalent to a deputized sheriff who could be called upon in dire emergencies. They swayed several stalwarts, including Green Lantern and Captain America, but personal lobbying by Superman, widely viewed as the group's senior member, and key support from the Wonder Twins tipped the scales.
"This is an honor," Bibleman said during a ceremony at the Hall of Justice. "Everyone who puts on the suit dreams of this day, but to finally be here — I'm still taking it all in. God bless the Superfriends and God bless America."

Sunday, June 08, 2003

The world does not need another preacher. We all have our stories. Yours are just as important as mine. You share your stories. I'll share mine. We'll put the preachers out of business.
hello... it's me, still without the internet at home. my apologies to anyone who checks my blog regularly and sees the same lame post as the time before. a few things...

- i spent hundreds of dollars on my vw's check engine light. the light came back on yesterday.
- i read a really good book today called *cut my hair* by jamie rich.
- i saw a knife fight (for real) a week ago.
- dan's blog is still my favorite blog. read his if my blog is boring the hell out of you.
- i'm tired of the whole french/freedom jokes. stop it. move on.
- i saw the movie *solaris* this past week. incredible.
- my mom and sister drove from dallas to newport beach, california. i called them while they were in the arizona desert.
- "stuff people wrote in my high school annual" will come soon. :)
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