Wednesday, June 26, 2002

It's all becoming much clearer. These blogs, I mean. The goal is to be so freakin' hip that everyone actually READS what I write. Darn, now THAT makes sense! From here on out, I promise to be interesting........................... uhhh, hold on.... I'll be interesting in a second.................. uhhhh, wait, I'm almost............... crap! I can't do it.

Go read Daniel Miller or something.

Monday, June 24, 2002

THANK GOD! Douglas Coupland has his new website up... finally. It's been under renovation for an eternity (which is quite a long time). Douglas Coupland, I've concluded, is the still small voice in my head.

The books I've read:
Generation X
Shampoo Planet
Life After God
Polaroids from the Dead
Girlfriend in a Coma
Miss Wyoming
City of Glass
All Families are Psychotic

His new book is called Souvenir of Canada. I'll give a full blog book report once I finish it.
Yes, I'm looking for some inspiration right now.
Hey, I'm back from the honeymoon. I'm living in a new apartment in Fort Worth with my beautiful wife. MyMelissa just started a new job at D2 Studios in Dallas as their full time assistant. I have the summer off and I'm taking an evening class at a nearby university. You'd think with all this spare time I'd be living online. Not so. I haven't gone online hardly at all lately. Everytime I check my freakin' hotmail it is completely maxed out on junk mail. (Lovely.)

My life has been stressful lately. Marriage is a good good (very good) thing, but it is a major life change... and life changes are stressful. Melissa would agree. She loves me, but sharing an apartment with a "stinky boy" is quite a change for her.

Furthermore, my mininstry and my sense of calling has been shaken. I have a lots of doubts. It's okay to have doubts. But as I said to my friend Dan, to a degree, I've lost hope in our generation and in the possible church of this generation. I'm way too cynical and way too jaded right now. (Which makes for GREAT blogging, but it also make for a fairly crappy Monday morning.) God is always good. I've not lost hope in the Father to do a work in my midst. However, I feel really lost right now.

I love the stuff we're doing with Next-Wave. The community we've gathered has been very encouraging. It's one of the few places online that has really carried me and given even more than they've received. I'm looking forward to writing my next article for July. It will be quite incredible. (It's just not written yet.)

My friend Pastor Cleetus reminded me last Sunday... "it's just a season." God is seasoning me. I love Cleetus's word play. He's a real pro. And yesterday (which would be this Sunday for those keeping score at home), Melissa kept me from having a nervous breakdown... thanks honey. As I said before, it makes for a great blog... but dang, I'm burnt out.
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